How to Get Your PA Pesticide License

Everything below can be found on the PA Department of Agriculture Website. Any Licensing questions should be directed to them. See below for contact information.

Commercial/Public Pesticide Technician:

What you will need to be eligible for certification is as follows:

  • Pass two written examinations (The Core Test and at least 1 category test)
  • be employed by a pesticide application business or plan to start your own

Exams: Examinations are given through the PDA Regional Offices. Dates and times are available at PaPlants under Pesticide Programs, then Certification Exam Locations.

Study Guides: Study materials for the exams are sold by Penn State University. Call 1-877-345-0691 or online at Penn State Study Packets.

Registered Pesticide Technician

To become Registered Technician the business must submit the person’s name and date of birth to the Department using the Registered Technician Form, which will start a minimum 30-day training period.  Training must be conducted by a certified applicator with at least 1-years experience and knowledge, who works for the business entity.  

During the 30-day training period, the technician is not permitted to make pesticide applications on their own, they must be under the continuous visual and voice control of a certified applicator.  Once licensed, applications made by technicians are limited to the use of materials, methods, and equipment on which they have documented training.  Technicians must be under the supervision of a certified applicator that can be on site within 5 hours if necessary.  Technician licensing is not transferable between businesses. 


  • Commercial Registered Technician Fee - $30, annually
  • Public Registered Technician Fee - $20, annually

FAQ on Pesticide Applications.

Click here for Online Courses and Webinars for Credit through Penn State.

Pesticide Programs through the PDA.

For Recertification Information click here. (Member's-Only Content)

Important information from the PA Department of Agriculture

PDA Website Links and Phone Numbers:

General Pesticide Inquiries

(717) 772-5231

Jessica Lenker
Pesticide Certification& Education Specialist
Pesticide Application Certification and Examinations
Pesticide Registered Technician
Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry
Pesticide Business License & Insurance
Pesticide Dealer Licensing
(717) 772-5217

Nada Manmiller
Pesticide Business License & Insurance
Pesticide Advisory Board
Farm Safety & Health
Farm Safety Grant Applications
(717) 772-5201

Elsa Quinones
Pesticide Application Certification
Pesticide Dealer Licensing
(717) 772-5213

Len Brylewski
Chief, Div of Health & Safety
(717) 772-5212


Commercial and Public Applicator Certification Categories (PDF)


Application for Reciprocity
List of all Commercial/Public Certified Applicators Employed (for Employers) (PDF)
Registered Technicians Form
Pesticide Dealers License Application (PDF)
Pesticide Hypersensitivity Application Form (PDF)
Pesticide Recertification Course Attendance Reporting (PDF)
Private Applicator Pesticide Application Record (PDF)
Request for Pesticide Course Recertification Credit Assignment (PDF)

Legal Library

CHEMSWEEP Pesticide Disposal Program (PDF)
Pesticides (PDF)

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